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The SONOFF ZBMINI-L2 Extreme is a powerful Zigbee plug that gives you full control over your smart home devices. With SONOFF's robust and reliable design, the ZBMINI-L2 Extreme offers an easy-to-use solution for automating your home.

Technical information

  • Compatibility: Zigbee 3.0
  • Functions: turning devices on and off, scheduling, remote control
  • Communication protocol: IEEE 802.15.4
  • Maximum power: 10 amps
  • Voltage: 100-240V AC

Areas of application

The SONOFF ZBMINI-L2 Extreme offers you numerous application options, for example:

  • Turning lights, fans, and other electronic devices on and off
  • Time-controlled switching on and off of devices for energy saving measures
  • Remotely control devices from your smartphone, no matter where you are
  • Integration with other Zigbee-enabled smart home systems for comprehensive automation


  • 1 x SONOFF ZBMINI-L2 Extreme Zigbee Connector
  • 1 x User Manual