What does Smart Home offer me?

Smart Home refers to the clever linking of household components that are controlled centrally via devices. The real benefit lies in the intelligent interaction of these devices.

Through the products you smart home component offers, regular processes are automated to increase security and comfort in your home. It creates a home that simplifies everyday life.

What are the shipping costs and duration?

It depends where you are. Standard shipping costs for Germany are €4.90. For Europe and Switzerland €7.90. If you are outside the EU then it is €14.90.

If you order €50 or more, we offer you everything free shipping within Germany.

Our average shipping times are 2 - 4 working days within Germany and 2 - 8 days within the EU. When shipping internationally outside the EU, it is difficult to provide precise information, so use the tracking function of your parcel service

You will receive details about your delivery by email.

Where can I find firmware, drivers and instructions?

You can find the appropriate firmware, drivers and instructions for your new smart home product right here, free of charge, in our shop under Support & More in the main menu.