Argon ONE M.2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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The Argon M2 Case is one of the most ergonomic and aesthetic cases for the Raspberry Pi. Made of aluminum alloy and polished with a gray finish, the case makes the Raspberry Pi look modern, slim and stylish. Its minimalist design keeps cables in one area and provides excellent cooling with properly placed vents.

• M.2 SATA SSD compatibility
• UASP support for Raspberry Pi 4
• 2 full-sized HDMI ports
• 2 different power modes (on/off & automatic)
• Built-in IR support
• Software-based active fan control
• All cables can be positioned on the back

Space for an M2 hard drive
In this case you have space for an M2 hard drive and you can connect it directly to the Raspberry Pi via USB 3.0.

Perfect cooling
The aluminum alloy casing not only makes the Pi look cool, but also cools perfectly. The case has an extension that is connected to the processor with a thermal cooling pad so that heat is transferred from the processor to the case. This means that the case becomes a heat sink that passively cools the Raspberry Pi, allowing the Pi to work without building up a lot of heat. In addition, the case comes with an integrated circuit board with a fan, which also actively provides further cooling. These two cooling systems combined guarantee long-lasting operation without overheating. The fan speed can be configured at any time via the terminal, as can the conditions for passively changing the fan speed.

Minimal clutter
All of the Raspberry Pi's ports are accessible via an adapter board on the back to ensure the cable clutter is as tidy as possible.

Easy to assemble
The case includes a top and bottom panel, 4 screws, a built-in circuit board, a silicone cooling pad and a circuit board that expands the audio and micro HDMI ports.
Assembling the parts is easy and intuitive. All that is needed is a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screws at the bottom of the case. No special tools are required. After assembling the Raspberry Pi and installing the operating system on the SD card, a one-line script must be entered into the terminal to allow the power button and fan to be used.

Accessible GPIO pins
The case was designed to perfectly protect the Raspberry Pi, but without compromising its full functionality. The built-in circuit board expands the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi and also ensures easy prototyping through color coding and additional labeling. When not in use, the pins are covered and protected by a magnetically removable top. This means the pins are accessible at all times and the Pi can be used in various electronics projects.

Safe power switch
The case comes with a simple power button to turn the Raspberry Pi on and off while ensuring stored files are safe. With the one-line script installed, the power button has multiple functions depending on how the button is pressed.

Suitable for
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

• NOT compatible with M.2 NVME storage drives
• Delivered without Raspberry Pi!
• Delivered without SSD!