Change the serial number on a Nano V3 FTDI

Here is a short guide on how to change the serial number under Windows on a Nano V3 with FTDI chipset .

First, the program FT_Prog from Download and install here .

The FTDI driver from here download and install.

  • Start the FT_Prog program
  • Click on the “Scan and Parse” magnifying glass icon
  • Open the “USB String Descriptors” tab
  • Uncheck “Auto Generate Serial No”.
  • Enter a new serial number (1-16 characters) in the example 1234567

  • Now press the small lightning symbol “Program Devices”.
  • Now a window will open and now press the “Program” button, after about 5 seconds press the “Close” button

  • Now check whether the serial number has been changed. To do this, click the “Scan and Parse” magnifying glass icon again
  • In the example, under “Serial Number” it should now be 1234567
  • DANGER!!! There are FTDI Nanos where the serial number cannot be changed, so-called Clone Nanos . 

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