Flash NanoCUL and JeeLink on the PC

Here is a short guide on how a NanoCUL or a JeeLink can be flashed with the firmware under Windows.

First of all, the XLoader program Download and unpack here .

The FTDI driver or the CH340 driver depending on the Nano variant here or here download and install. The desired firmware from here select and download.

  • Open the XLoader program
  • Open the desired firmware in the first line
  • Select “Uno(ATmega328)” under Device
  • At COMport select the port where the Nano is connected, in the next picture I show how you can get it out.

  • Open the Connections tab (COM&LPT) in the device manager
  • Now you can see that here in the example the Nano is plugged into COM 29

  • Now enter COM29 under COM port
  • set the baud rate to 115200 ATTENTION!!! If you have an old bootloader, please set “Duemilanove/Nano(ATmega328)”.
  • Now press the Upload button
  • The flashing process begins and lasts about 30 seconds

  • now the flashing process has been successfully completed,
  • The Nanos can be equipped with new firmware as often as you like

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